To create and preserve studio environments for working artists.



Our primary focus rests on the security and well being of our Artist Members. By providing Artists with affordable, rent-controlled studios where displacement is a non-concern, artists are free to concentrate on their creative practice. An open studio model, used in all Radiant Hall studio locations, is designed to encourage our members to actively engage with one-another through artistic collaboration, shared knowledge and communal resources. Additional support structures for professional development, financial assistance, and out-of-studio opportunities such as exhibitions and residency programs are continually expanding. Artist members who fully engage with their studios will not only benefit from secure, energized working environments, but will also be provided with opportunities to develop and improve their professional practices.

Radiant Hall’s efforts towards organizational partnerships and community building opportunities are far more effective when the interests of each party (artists and organizations) are clearly defined and valued. Radiant Hall is dedicated in developing this type of mutually beneficial relationship.



Radiant Hall works with Partner Organizations to develop symbiotic relationships. By providing unique membership privileges such as access to museums, cultural events, production shops, legal assistance, marketing services, etc., we increase our artists’ potential for success. Partners also help in expanding the Radiant Hall network. Through private studio events and group tours our artists gain exposure and build awareness around their practices. Great care is taken in understanding our members’ needs and we work with various organizations to develop solutions that address the concerns of working artists.



Outreach and education drive Radiant Hall’s community programming. Radiant Hall creates opportunities that allow artists to engage their own communities through an active web presence, open studio events throughout the year, university tours and lectures, creative programming, etc. Radiant Hall seeks to elevate the standards of education, awareness, and healthy living for its members and the communities they call home. We continue to identify locations throughout the city that demonstrate a potential for long-term sustainable growth. The development of such spaces is one of organic process and depends on the unique potential of a certain area. While building a network of synergistic relationships around each building, we are able to provide an open network for collaboration, professional-development, and exposure.



RYAN LAMMIE | Executive Director

“We supply our Artists with affordable, secure, dynamic studio space so they can stop worrying about the essentials and start focusing on the creations.”

-Ryan Lammie

lammie [at] radianthall [dot] com


SETH CLARK | Studio Director, Lawrenceville

Contact Seth with rental inquiries

clark [at] radianthall [dot] com






Executive Director of the Lawrenceville Corporation, which acts as a catalyst and conduit for responsible growth and reinvestment in the Lawrenceville community. In addition to facilitating nearly $100 million in public and private investment in the neighborhood over past 3.5 years, Matt has served as the organizational lead for several catalytic neighborhood planning processes including the Upper Lawrenceville Plan, Lawrenceville Pivot, and the Allegheny Green Boulevard Plan. Since he arrived in Pittsburgh a dozen years ago, Matt has worked as a community development professional in numerous areas of the city, including the Penn Avenue Arts District, Hazelwood, and the Northside. He has also taught as an adjunct faculty member for the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School for Community Organization and Social Administration. Matt has served on several boards and committees, including the URA Real Estate Loan Review Committee, the URA’s New Market Tax Credit Advisory Board, Green Boulevard Working Group, Sprout Fund Public Art Advisory Committee, Friends of Arsenal Park Steering Committee, Leslie Park Pool Advisory Panel, and the Carnegie Mellon Artist Incubation Advisory Committee.



Paulo Nzambi is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Manchester Bidwell Corporation (MBC) and its subsidiaries Bidwell Training Center, Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild and the National Center for Arts and Technology. Mr. Nzambi is responsible for the day to day operations of MBC.

Before joining Manchester Bidwell Corporation, Mr. Nzambi worked as a trial lawyer for the City of Pittsburgh and the law firm of Robb Leonard Mulvihill. An entrepreneur, Mr. Nzambi has managed the acquisition, renovation and rental of residential real estate, a project he started in 2003 and continues to the present day. In addition to his civic activism, Mr. Nzambi is a member of Pittsburgh Playback Theatre. As a playwright and actor, Mr. Nzambi’s most recent plays “Unintended Consequences” (2008) and “To Suffer the Silence” (2007) were performed as part of the Three Rivers Arts festival. Mr. Nzambi joined Manchester Bidwell Corporation in August of 2009. Working for a non-profit conglomerate that provides arts education, adult career training, and operates social enterprises has provided Mr. Nzambi a unique opportunity to integrate his diverse skill sets–as an artist, entrepreneur, and lawyer.


RICK BELLOLI | Treasurer

Rick Belloli has more than twenty years of experience in real estate and nonprofit management. Currently, he is a partner in Q Development LLC which engages in community sensitive real estate development. Prior to Q, he was a principal of Civic Square, which he co-founded. Civic Square is a multidisciplinary economic development practice with specialties in Real Estate & Development, Business District Strategies, and Nonprofit Management & Governance. Prior to Civic Square, Rick was the Executive Director of South Side Local Development Company from 2003 to 2011. South Side LDC was a community development corporation founded in 1982 with the purpose of promoting the economic revitalization and historic preservation of Pittsburgh’s South Side.


TARIS VRCEK | Secretary

Taris Vrcek is a third-generation McKees Rocks resident and a graduate of Sto-Rox High School. After graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Vrcek pursued a career in information technology before spearheading a re-visioning of his community that would ultimately result in formation of a Strategic Revitalization Plan and the McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation (MRCDC). During his tenure as Executive Director, Vrcek has helped facilitate nearly $100M in economic development. With an initial focus on brownfield development, MRCDC has grown into a comprehensive community development agency, leveraging strategic partnerships toward a vision of a ‘complete’ Sto-Rox, with strategic initiatives in Main Street / Arts development, Workforce Readiness, Youth Engagement, and recreational/green space development. In his non-work time, Vrcek enjoys playing and writing music, as well as outdoor activities.

Lisa Marie Jakab

Lisa Marie Jakab received her Master of Fine Arts Degree with Distinction at American University in May of 2013.  She received her BFA, Magna Cum Laude, from Alfred University and also studied at the University of Sydney in Australia. Spring of 2014, Jakab spent participating in a residency at BUNKER Projects in Pittsburgh, PA. Other Artist-in- Residence programs she has attended include: GlogauAIR in Berlin (2013), Chautauqua Institution (2010-11), and Art Students League of New York (2011). Jakab has exhibited in New York, Berlin, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Arlington, Columbus, and Sydney. Lisa Marie Jakab creates abstract imagery about liminal spaces using biomorphic forms informed by nature and the cosmos. Generating her own interpretation of beautiful imagery, she explores the psychology of cognition. Her process of making is reflective of these interests and resides in the play between fragility and force as well as the purposeful and the accidental.


Ramon Riley

Ramon Riley was born and raised in Braddock, Pennsylvania. Braddock had a profound impact that remains a key component of Riley’s current art work and practice. Riley earned his Masters of Art from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2013 with a focus in abstract painting. Riley draws from realistic study within his poured paint foundations as exhibited in the series Venus: Untitled and Braddock: Rooftop.


John Tronsor

John Tronsor is an artist who is interested in ideas concerning representational instability, processes of cognition and models of ontology. His work finds itself expressed in a variety of media but is typically realized three dimensionally or time based. He received his MFA from the University of California, Davis (2013), a Post-Baccalaureate certificate in Studio Arts from Brandeis University (2009) and a BA in Studio Arts from the University of Pittsburgh (2008).


Leah Patgorski

Leah Patgorski’s art production over the past 10 years has been primarily textile sculptures and associated drawings. The forms of her individual work range from flat to voluminous, habitable to uninhabitable, buoyant to collapsing; through these qualities she explores how fabric constructions take on lives of their own based on our psychological associations. Leah has also been commissioned by others to make large-scale pieces including wall panels, a tent, and a fabric rowboat. Her work has been exhibited in Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Vienna. In support of her studio practice, she daylights at the Pittsburgh office of Strada Architecture. Leah holds a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Virginia and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Janice Schuler

Janice was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. She studied Art and Printmaking at Carnegie-Mellon University, and has advanced degrees in Media Arts. Two events occurred early on in Schuler’s life that continue to remain major influences for her art: attending the P.M. Palettes program at the Carnegie Music Hall with Mr. Joseph Fitzpatrick and visiting the Van Gogh exhibit with her mother at the age of twelve. She fell in love with it all… painting, art, images, creating.  

Schuler has a penchant for the comical, color, and caricature. She collects children’s art and strives to think like a child as a nod to Picasso’s quote: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up.” Her work is inspired by industry, nature, people and our ideas about the unknown. She believes art is the perfect way to manifest ambiguities; each mark is part of an exploration, a question, a statement, a reasonable response.

Gianna Paniagua

Gianna Paniagua was born in New York City in 1991.  At the age of 14 months, she was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and became the recipient of a heart transplant at Babies & Children’s Hospital of New York.  Much of her time growing up was split between the cities of Manhattan and Miami. She has attended classes for painting at both Carnegie Mellon University and The New School: Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic.  Gianna received her BA from the University of Pittsburgh in April 2013. In her senior exhibition, she received The Dean’s Award as well as an award allowing her to loan The Hillman Library her piece titled “Flesh and Bone.”  Gianna’s papercutting sculptures have created a following in the Pittsburgh art scene.  In December, she participated in two shows during Miami Art Basel.  Her works continue to evolve and grow as she gains new experiences.  Future projects include a residency this March in Saratoga, WY and an installation at the Westmoreland Museum of Art in September.


Lindsay Merrill


Liz Rudnick

Elizabeth Rudnick is a visual artist who lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA. Her childhood was spent driving around the suburbs of New Jersey, where she became fascinated by the moments of excess, sloppiness, and confusion that seem to define her generation. Rudnick thus describes her work as a “celebratory exploration of human fallibility.” The history of figurative painting provides the foundation for her practice, whose influences range from Francis Bacon and Willem DeKooning to contemporary painters Amy Sillman and Cecily Brown. Rudnick has shown nationally and internationally and holds a BFA in fine art from Carnegie Mellon University.


Dan Wilcox

Dan Wilcox is an artist, engineer, musician, performer who combines live musical performance techniques with experimental electronics and software for exploration into themes of science fiction, space travel, cyborgification, and far futurism. His father was an aerospace engineer, he grew up in the Rocket City, and has performed in Europe and around the US with his one man band cyborg performance project, robotcowboy.

He has recently finished his MFA coursework at Carnegie Mellon University and recently premiered his thesis project, robotcowboy: Onward to Mars.

Dan currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA USA and works part time for the CMU Studio for Creative Inquiry and Iontank.


Gavin Benjamin

Gavin Benjamin is a multi-faceted artist with backgrounds in commercial photography, painting, audio works, printmaking, interior design,and product design and creating theatre sets and backdrops. Born in South America, Gavin received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and was drawn to experiment with many mediums, but particularly to photography.

An internship in his freshman year with legendary portrait photographer Arnold Newman fueled his passion and led him to other opportunities and work for photographers Stephen Meisel and Kelly Klein. He continued to gain valuable experience as a photo editor for projects for Hachette Filapacchi Magazines, Esquire Magazine, projects for Kenneth Cole Productions and for Sony Style, Neiman Marcus catalogue and  Time Life custom publishing, all seeding his ideas and creativity for his fine art photo-based works.

Benjamin’s various furniture and fine art works have been featured in numerous national and regional publications and digital press, including Interior Design, V Magazine, Whirl, Clear, City magazine, thePittsburgh Post Gazette, washingtonpost.com, and Glass Review.


Michael Passafiume

b. 1965 El Paso. TX
BA Univ Pittsburgh (Studio Art-Painting)
Acrylic, pencil, gesso on wood
“I paint the way someone bite his fingernails; for me, painting is a bad habit because I don’t know nor can I do anything else.” – Picasso



Derek Reese

Derek Reese is a visual artist who was born in Morgantown, West Virginia in 1981. He is interested in a post-disciplinary approach to painting which involves an exploration of various media with painting as a jump off point. Reese’s artwork explores personal identity through materials and imagery inspired by his childhood home, the Appalachian region, and blue collar-ism.

Reese received his BFA from West Virginia University and completed an MFA from Ohio State University. In 2009 through 2010 he was an adjunct professor of art at Fairmont State University in Fairmont, West Virginia. In 2011, Reese crossed the Mason-Dixon Line in order to make art and teach in the burgeoning national art-city of Pittsburgh, PA. Reese exhibits his art work nationally, and has given guest artist lectures at Carnegie Mellon University and Penn State University. In 2011, he was the recipient of the Pittsburgh Pop-Up Grant creating installations in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District fusing visual art and music in collaboration with Pittsburgh’s Freya String Quartet. Currently, Reese is a 2014 fellow at Flight School, the professional development program for Pittsburgh artists at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.


Jiyoo Jye

After earning her bfa at cmu, Ji dedicated her time and energy to radiant hall and amongst a vibrant community of artists, she began her independent series of large-abstract paintings. her work explores the emotive aesthetics of the subconsciousness. each painting becomes an intact preservation of exteriorized temperaments, impulses, emotional catharsis derived from the physicality of the painting process. as an evolving artist, this period of experimentation in her artistic endeavors granted Ji the opportunity to showcase her work, practice craftsmanship, and most importantly, meditate on and value her innate obsession with making art. additionally, having access to a studio space connected her to other practicing artists whose work was central to their lives. since her involvement at radiant hall, Ji has moved to nyc to work as brand manager at a fashion company. She plans to attend harvard graduate school of design in the fall to pursue her masters degree.



Lauren Knapp

Lauren Knapp is a multimedia journalist and non-fiction storyteller and a genuine nerd for all things documentary. She began her career at the PBS NewsHour in Washington, D.C. where she worked her way from Desk Assistant to Reporter-Producer. It was there that she learned how to film and edit short news pieces and developed a real passion for interviewing. In 2011, she moved to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with the support of a Fulbright-mtvU Fellowship. She spent the year researching and filming a documentary on how Mongolian’s have overcome the pressures of Soviet-style socialism, Orientalism, and globalization through rock music. Live From UB is currently in the final stages of post-production. Lauren moved to Pittsburgh in late 2012. She completed the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Flight School Fellowship in the spring of 2013 and worked as a freelance videographer, photographer and radio producer. Her work has been broadcast on WQED (Pittsburgh 360) and WESA (The Allegheny Front), and she’s written for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and POP City. She has also been involved with Pittsburgh Filmmakers as a mentor and instructor.


Ryan Woodring

Ryan Woodring is an artist and animator who breaks apart streams of video in to individual frames and uses these frames to extrude uncanny sculptural accounts of recorded history.  Originally from Doylestown, PA, he spent eight years in Pittsburgh before moving to Portland, Oregon in July of 2013 to work at Laika Animation on a feature film The Boxtrolls.  He has shown extensively in solo and group shows in Pittsburgh and has murals on display in Carnegie Mellon’s Qatar Room and the University of Pittsburgh’s Turkish Room in the Cathedral of Learning.  Ryan holds a BFA in Fine Arts (Electronic and Time Based) and a BA in French and Francophone Studies from Carnegie Mellon (2010).


Julie Mallis

Julie Mallis has exhibited her paintings, installations and video art nationally in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work investigates perception, dream worlds and the relationship between music and art. She is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University where she received her degree in Electronic Time Based Media and Anthropology. As one part of the creative duo Magic Organs, she regularly hosts and curates art shows and performances. Professionally, she teaches visual art and digital media and directs a cycling program for youth from under served communities.


Ryan Lammie

Ryan Lammie is a sculptural painter living in Lawrenceville, PA. Ryan uses found-objects, industrial materials, and domestic waste as source material for creating multi-dimensional monochromatic light-driven work. Over the last year, Ryan’s work has been featured in the North-East Issue of New American Paintings, WQED’s Pittsburgh 360, and Sabika Jewelry’s 2014 Catalog. Ryan attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY from 2007 to 2012. Before returning to Pittsburgh, Ryan was awarded the Elizabeth Stokel Battell Fellowship Award and attended the Yale Norfolk Residency, in 2011. In addition to his studio practice, Ryan also founded and directs Radiant Hall Studios.


Maralynn Jacoby

Maralynn is a graphic designer and web developer focusing on hand drawn / typographical-based design. Her current start-up project is Bear Left Bear. This year at Radiant Hall she is designing and building three indoor/outdoor large-format stained glass pieces.


Madelyn Roehrig

Madelyn Roehrig received the 102 Annual Associated Artists of Pittsburgh acquisition award to the Carnegie Museum of Art’s collection for one of her films from her continuing art project, Figments: Conversations with Andy, going into its sixth year. During 2014, she exhibits selections of the project at The Andy Warhol Museum, Carleton College in Minnesota, Elmhurst Art Museum, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Fox Chapel Library, & Carnegie Library. She is presently working on a book and web site documenting the project working at Radiant Hall Studios and at a Vermont Studio Residency. Segments from this project have also been exhibited as part of the Pittsburgh Biennial at the Warhol Museum, Westmoreland Museum of American Art Biennials; Pittsburgh Filmmakers, and broadcasts on WTAE TV Pittsburgh, KDKA TV Pittsburgh, WQED Pittsburgh Filmmakers Corner, National Public Radio, and mentioned in the NY Times and The Guardian. Additional work in photography/films have also been shown in Associated Annuals at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Biennials at the Westmoreland Museum of Art, Pittsburgh Filmmakers (receiving third place for a short film), and Lancaster Museum of Art. She holds an MFA from Vermont College, an MPM from Heinz School of Public Policy, worked as educational specialist at the Carnegie Museum of Art for over 20 years; and is curator/director of Studio4U.


Giuseppe Ragozzino

Born 1973

Giuseppe is a first-generation Italian-American; raised in the rustbelt. His art is informed by his meaning. He works as a studio painter and an advertising creative director. His current work focuses on the practice of minimalism, monochrome, and simple pattern.


Paul Rouphail

Paul Rouphail grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. He received his BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in 2010. The past 3 years he has spent living in Lima, Peru and Pittsburgh respectively. In the fall 2014, he will attend the Rhode Island School of Design as an MFA candidate in painting.


Dafna Rehavia

I am an Israeli-born artist and art-therapist, currently residing, working, and exhibiting in the Pittsburgh area for the last ten years. My work is informed by a critical, feminist, and multicultural approach. I deal with themes that are related to survival, identity and healing and their complex relationship to migration, religious constraints, war, and women’s experience. The materials I choose to work are embodied with cultural and psychological value and allow me to explore the meeting place between presence and absence, visibility and invisibility, recognition and erasure and death and rebirth. Many of my pieces use written texts as an integral part of the artwork. I employ and combine objects as diverse as menstrual pads, earth, passports, dried garlic, nails, Islamic prayer rugs, gas masks, hair, soap, prayer books, and a baby carriage. These objects are combined with a range of art materials such as clay, plaster, resin, cardboard, paper and various fabrics and paint. The art forms I use are collage, mixed media, assemblage and installation. The juxtaposition of these objects and materials is used in order to create a dialogue between conflicting forces and ideas, as well as to raise further questions about human existence. Currently I am interested in forms and rituals that I artistically explore through repetition of constructed shapes in plaster and sewn cardboard. I hold a BFA and BED in art from Beit Berl State College in Israel, an MA in Creative Art Therapy from Drexel University in Philadelphia, and a PhD in Therapeutic Arts and Cultural Studies from the University of Derby in the UK.



Rose Duggan

Rose Duggan explores our relationship with objects and our natural environment through painting. Her non-representational work addresses color relationships, paint as a material and the absurdity of art-making. She has exhibited nationally, most recently as the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s featured artist at Cabaret Theater and was named one of the Three Rivers Arts Festival’s emerging artists in 2013. Rose holds a B.A. in Studio Art from Allegheny College.


Terry Boyd

Marital Status – Single
Height – 5’7″
Weight – 138lb
Build – Athletic

With interests in pattern recognition and memory, Terry Boyd’s minimalist approach to composition give an abstract understanding of cognitive architecture through repetitive line work. Originally from Pittsburgh, he earned both a BFA and MAM from Carnegie Mellon University and now resides in Lawrenceville where he spends most days trying to think of clever things to message women on online dating websites.


Ben Filio

Ben Filio is a freelance photographer specializing in documentary, editorial, and wedding work. He’s told stories about the future of Pittsburgh, dirt track racing, and most recently VIA Festival. Past clients have included The Wall St Journal, The Sprout Fund, University of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, and Creative NonFiction. When not staring at a computer for long stretches of time, he can be found tinkering with motorcycles in his garage.


Michael Pisano

Michael Pisano is a filmmaker, animator, and illustrator in Pittsburgh, PA. Early acquisition of bifocals in suburban New Jersey led to his amateur interest in the science of small things: ants, pondscum particles, fine print, and the Earth as featured in illustrations of the solar system.


Meghan Olson

Interested in simple transformations of material, space and sometimes language, Meghan Olson enjoys working with seemingly uneventful materials and processes that often reveal themselves as instances both curious and poetic.  Her work and writing has been published in New American Paintings and ArtHopper and she has exhibited nationally.   Olson holds a B.S. in History from Portland State University and an MFA from West Virginia University.


Lisa Considine

Lisa Considine has been living and working as a bartender in Lawrenceville, PA since 2006. A lot of the inspiration for her portraiture comes from the regulars she has met and become friends with in the local bars. The bars of Lawrenceville hold so much of the history of the area, and she strives to capture some of the local color in her work. Earlier portraiture has been inspired by friends and family members, and usually involves some kind of food or drink in the composition. Most work is done in oil and acrylic, as well as some mixed media and collage. She just completed a furniture building course at Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont, and is planning on incorporating some woodworking into her fine art.


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We currently offer several services to our artists aimed towards the creation of new work, and expanding their professional network.


The Assistant Program is in place for Artists who need help with specific projects that they cannot complete on their own. We have a list of volunteers who generously offer their time to assist with larger productions. Artists are expected to teach these assistants about their craft and introduce them to our studio community.



The Artist Promotion Service utilizes social media to promote Radiant Hall artists and their events. This service puts artists in contact with Radiant Hall’s social network, allowing the artist to become visible to a wider audience and keep them in contact with the larger community.



Aside from hosting private events, Radiant Hall has two large, public Open Studio days per year. It is a great chance for Artists to meet new people and get their work in front of a fresh audience.

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